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Israeli Air Force conducts drill amid Iranian threats

2024.04.12, 11:09
Israeli Air Force conducts drill amid Iranian threats

According to reports, the Israeli Air Force carried out a drill simulating an Iranian attack. The exercise is said to have been conducted in collaboration with Cyprus and US forces.

The participants practiced long-range attacks in preparation for retaliation against Iran.

The exercises were carried out in the skies of Cyprus.

Meanwhile, the US president emphasized Washington's commitment to ensuring Israel's security in the face of potential Iranian threats, while the US Armed Forces' Central Staff commander arrived in Israel to meet with high-ranking Israeli officials.

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According to Israeli Army Radio, the Israeli Air Force has recently simulated attacks on remote targets as part of joint exercises with the Cypriot army.

According to the information, the preparation for long-range flights by Israeli aircraft and attacks on targets is part of the country's army's preparation for a potential conflict with Iran in the near future.




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