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The "Tractor" club has been fined again

2024.05.01, 12:22
The "Tractor" club has been fined again

The Iranian Football Federation punished Tabriz's "Tractor" club once more, this time imposing a fine of 200 million Iranian tomans.

The Football Federation issued a statement on this.

According to reports, during the match between "Tractor" and "Zob Ahan" in Tabriz in the 23rd week of the Premier League, South Azerbaijani fans chanted non-sports slogans and threw foreign objects on the field.

It should be noted that during the aforementioned football game, Azerbaijani fans chanted "Madrasa in Turkish, everyone should have it!", "Long live Azerbaijan, let those who do not want it be blind!" and other traditional national slogans.

The Iranian Football Federation considered the chants in Azerbaijani to be unethical.




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