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Iran intends to purchase "yellowcake"

2024.05.13, 16:56
Iran intends to purchase "yellowcake"

According to the secret agreement, Iran intends to purchase hundreds of tons of "yellowcake" (a type of uranium concentrate powder obtained from leach solutions, as an intermediate step in the processing of uranium ores) or enriched uranium from Niger.

This was reported by the French newspaper “Le Monde”. Niger officials have denied selling uranium to Iran.

However, the "Africa Intelligence" website reported last April that Iran plans to purchase 300 kilograms of "yellowcake" from Niger in the first stage.

"Le Monde" newspaper confirmed the news with reference to several Western sources.

According to information, secret negotiations between Iran and Niger are continuing for the purchase of 300 kilograms of “yellowcake”.

Biden's administration was also informed of the situation. The French Urano Society, which exports uranium in Niger, is in a difficult situation as a result of this revelation.

According to reports, the value of that amount of enriched uranium is $56 million.




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