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Protests occurred in the cities of Tabriz and Qazvin

2024.06.25, 11:56
Protests occurred in the cities of Tabriz and Qazvin

A protest was held by retired employees of Iran's Ministry of Communications in Tabriz.

Pensioners gathered in front of the Ministry of Communications' local office to protest the lack of pension increases, late payments, and violations of other legal rights.

Meanwhile, defrauded shareholders of the bankrupt "Rezayat Khodro" company staged a protest in Qazvin province.

Protesters organized a sit-in in front of the provincial governor's office and on Naderi Street. Azerbaijani shareholders shouted slogans such as "The leader (Khameney) stole, and the government supported it!"

It should be noted that the aforementioned car company has refused to deliver vehicles for years, despite receiving thousands of dollars in payments.

Despite the fact that a similar action was carried out several times before, the victims' cars and money were not returned.




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