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The imprisoned activist’s condition has worsened

2024.06.25, 11:19
The imprisoned activist’s condition has worsened

Karim Ismayilzade, the national activist, is being held in a Tabriz prison, and his condition has gotten worse once more.

Human rights organizations reported this, citing insider information from the jail.

According to reports, on June 23, a national activist was taken to the "Imam Reza" hospital for stomach bleeding.

According to reports, Karimzade, who was returned after a brief period of treatment, is still in critical condition and is on the verge of slipping into a coma.

"Doctors from the prison's medical station stated that there is insufficient medical equipment for treatment in the station and that the prisoner should be treated in a hospital, but prison management disagreed," according to the information.

It should be noted that Ismayilzade, charged with "inciting and inviting people to violent acts in cyberspace," was arrested on April 17.




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