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An Iranian human trafficker was detained in Türkiye

2024.04.12, 13:03
An Iranian human trafficker was detained in Türkiye

A person involved in fraud and human trafficking has been arrested in Türkiye.

Turkish media reported on this.

According to reports, Davud Ghaffari (Davud Hazina) is wanted for human trafficking and money laundering.

Before that, a red notice was issued by Interpol on Davud Ghaffari.

It should be noted that the Turkish police arrested 60 suspects during the "Cage-28" operation.

Unofficial sources have published materials indicating that Davud Ghaffari is connected with the IRGC and security forces.

Criminal gangs, ring leaders busted in ops across Türkiye | Daily Sabah

Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said the operation with the code name “Cage-28” was simultaneously carried out in the Turkish provinces of Istanbul, Antalya, Sakarya, Bolu, and others. The bulletin said that the captured persons were under arrest warrants in their countries because they were suspects of crime organization membership, murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, assault, counterfeiting, robbery, fraud, prostitution, theft, smuggling, bribery, corruption, and falsification.

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