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The Iranian regime uses children in the protests

2024.04.05, 15:48
The Iranian regime uses children in the protests

Protests against Israel organized by the Iranian regime under the name "Quds Day" began in Iranian cities, particularly Tehran, on April 5 in the morning.

In the protests held in the capital, the coffins contained the corpses of IRGC commanders killed as a result of Israel's airstrike on Iran’s consulate building in Damascus.

The corpses of the commanders will be sent to their cities for burial after the protests are over.

According to Iran's official state media, protests took place in 2,000 cities and settlements.

Social media activists and independent journalists said that minors were involved in the protests.

At the same time, it was claimed that because the general public did not attend the rallies, the government coerced state employees, students, and foreign citizens who received religious education in this country.

From the videos and photos circulating on social networks, despite all the efforts of the government, it seems that the participants in the protests that started in the morning today were only a few.

It should be noted that, for the first time in 1982, a rally against Israel was held on the initiative of Ruhullah Khomeini, with the demand for Palestinian freedom and Israel's destruction.

Since then, groups sponsored and controlled by the Iranian regime in Iran, Lebanon and several other countries have held such protests every year on the last Friday of Ramadan, supporting Iran's political-ideological war.




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