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CBS: Iran is about to strike Israel's diplomatic facilities

2024.04.06, 11:03
CBS: Iran is about to strike Israel's diplomatic facilities

The US and Israel are certain that Iran is planning retaliation for the attack on the Damascus consulate.

This was reported by CBS Television.

According to US intelligence estimates, a retaliatory strike could be carried out by a combination of drones and cruise missiles.

The TV channel will not disclose the approximate time of the strikes. However, Israeli diplomatic facilities are likely to be targeted in response to the attack in Damascus.

Israeli' attack on Damascus consulate sparks calls for action in Iran |

Sources believe that the strikes could happen next week.

The channel also points out that it is still unclear whether the drones and missiles will be launched from Iraq, Syria, or Iran.

The White House has previously expressed concern over the possibility of a full-scale war between Iran and Israel after an airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Syria.

The Israeli authorities have decided to suspend the work of 28 diplomatic missions around the world.




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