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Iran claims ISIS members were arrested in Karaj

2024.04.06, 13:51
Iran claims ISIS members were arrested in Karaj

Iranian media reported that a high-ranking ISIS member was arrested in Karaj.

Speaking to the media, Iranian police spokesman Saeed Muntazir Almehdi claimed that the detained individual was preparing to commit terrorism.

The arrested ISIS member has been identified as Mohammad Zaker, also known by the code name Ramesh.

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Although the spokesman of the police force said that there were 3 people detained, he did not reveal the identities of the other two.

Muntazir Almehdi said that the cars of those arrested were fired upon by police forces.

He made a contradictory statement about the detention of 8 more ISIS members and that they will be informed about them later.

Local social media activists said that Muntazir Almehdi's claims are not true and that no armed incidents took place in Karaj at the mentioned time.

According to them, the government is trying to cover up the fact that Israel killed 7 IRGC commanders in Damascus, Tehran's inability to respond to it, and create an agenda by spreading information about the arrest of ISIS members.




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