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Iran's Foreign Minister visits Oman and Syria 

2024.04.08, 12:59
Iran's Foreign Minister visits Oman and Syria 

The Foreign Minister of the Tehran regime, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, visits Damascus today.

This was reported by Iranian media.

According to reports, Abdollahian visits Damascus to meet and consult with Syria's top officials.

Before that, he visited Oman and met with his Omani counterpart, Badr al-Busaidi, in Muscat.

Oman urges de-escalation during Iran FM visit amid rising regional tensions

Abdollahian also held discussions with the spokesman of the Yemeni Houthis in Oman, Mohamed Abdel-Salam.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman said in a statement about the visit that it was aimed at reducing tension in the region.

The Israeli newspaper "The Jerusalem Post" wrote interesting facts about the trip.

"Iran has informed the US that if a cease-fire is reached in Gaza, it will refuse to respond to the Israeli air attack on the Damascus consulate," the newspaper reported.

It should be noted that on April 1, two generals and five officers of the IRGC were killed as a result of an Israeli attack on a building located near the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

2024 Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus - Wikipedia

Although Iran claimed that the consulate building was the target, Israel claims that IRGC commanders used it to plan terrorist attacks on Israel.




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