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IRGC is concerned about Israel-UAE relations

2024.04.11, 11:31
IRGC is concerned about Israel-UAE relations

Iran sees Israel's presence in regional countries, including the United Arab Emirates, as a threat and will fight against it.

Alireza Tangsiri, Commander of the IRGC's Naval Forces, made this statement in an interview with the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah's publication, "Al Mayadeen."

"The threat is sometimes expressed verbally, sometimes in action. I believe there is a threat against us in our neighboring country, the UAE. We understand that bringing Zionists at this time is not for economic reasons. Now they are actually engaged in security and military affairs, which is a danger and should not happen." Tangsiri claimed that Israel and the UAE's cooperation pose a threat to the Tehran authorities.

He indirectly threatened the UAE, claiming that Israel's presence in the country is incompatible with its neighbors and Islam.

Tangsiri repeated previous Iranian officials' claims and criticized regional countries' relations with Israel.




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