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Iran has accelerated its uranium enrichment

2024.04.11, 11:47
Iran has accelerated its uranium enrichment

After the United States pulled out of the nuclear deal in 2018, Iran moved closer to developing nuclear weapons.

"Washington Post" reported on this with reference to officials and confidential documents.

"Tehran currently has enough enriched uranium for at least three nuclear bombs, which could be built in a matter of days or weeks. The development of a warhead for a missile based on a primitive nuclear bomb can take two or more years. Iran is gathering the funds needed to build a nuclear weapon while making no visible progress toward that goal", according to the source.

Iran hints at ramping up uranium enrichment – DW – 07/06/2019

The collapse of the nuclear deal is said to have severely limited the IAEA's ability to monitor Iran's nuclear activities and investigate information related to covert nuclear weapons development.

"Tehran's success in developing such weapons will have a variety of consequences, including an arms race in the Middle East and a direct armed conflict between Iran and Israel that could spread throughout the region in the future. Six years after the United States pulled out of the nuclear deal, Iran has managed to exceed all of the agreement's limits on the amount of enriched uranium. Tehran is very comfortable in its confrontation with the West, thanks in part to Russia's support."




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