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Another environmental problem around Lake Urmia

2024.05.11, 11:26
Another environmental problem around Lake Urmia

Simultaneously with the continuation and worsening of the environmental disaster in the Urmia Lake water basin, another ecological problem is emerging in the region, particularly around the lake.

Behzad Nabi Gadim, a Southern Azerbaijani eco-activist, confirmed this.

He claimed that thousands of Tamarix tetrandra (a flowering plant in the Tamaricaceae family) trees scattered around Lake Urmia had been cut down, destroying the region's green belt.

"These trees are drought-resistant, and their roots extend deep into the soil to water sources, thereby preventing soil erosion and the spread of salt storms rising from the dry bed of Lake Urmia to wider areas," an eco-activist stated.

Behzad Nabi Gadim, who described these trees as the region's only defense against salt storms, stated that this type of plant has been rapidly destroyed in recent years.

He described the local and related state institutions' indifferent attitude toward tree destruction and use in other areas as incomprehensible.

Salt storms devastate agriculture and endanger people's health. In recent years, respiratory diseases have spread rapidly in the areas surrounding Lake Urmia, and the number of deaths from lung cancer has skyrocketed.




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