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Malaysia will not recognize US sanctions against Iran

2024.05.11, 11:55
Malaysia will not recognize US sanctions against Iran

Malaysia did not agree with the United States' proposal to reduce Iranian oil sales.

Iran exports its oil through Malaysian waters. However, the country's officials disagreed with America on the sale of Iranian oil in violation of US sanctions, stating that they recognized UN Security Council sanctions.

The country's Minister of Internal Affairs, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, announced this position during a briefing on May 9.

"We made it clear to US officials that we only recognize UN Security Council sanctions," the minister said.

Also, Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim took a softer stance, saying, "Our country is a friend to all countries." But Malaysia's national interests must come first."

Malaysia's opposition to the US request demonstrates that America is having difficulty preventing the flow of capital to Iran.




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