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Iran-backed Hezbollah has increased its attacks on Israel

2024.05.13, 15:10
Iran-backed Hezbollah has increased its attacks on Israel

All eyes are on Rafah, the city in southern Gaza where Israel is expected to launch a ground incursion, but Brigadier General Omer Tischler, second in command of the Israeli air force, said Israel is facing a 360-degree war with Iran.

While Israel is engaged with Iran-backed Hamas in Gaza, to its southwest,, another Iran-backed group, Hezbollah, has ramped up its attacks from the north. The group is sending drones and rockets into northern Israel from Lebanon.

The fight is not as intense as the one in Gaza, but it's serious enough that Israel evacuated more than 60,000 people — emptying out the entire northern part of the country. On the other side, 90,000 Lebanese have been forced to flee.

A handful of residents have remained behind in northern Israel, including in the abandoned and partly destroyed town of Metula. The Hezbollah video shows near daily missile attacks pummeling the small town. It takes just 8 to 20 seconds for a missile fired from Lebanon to reach Metula.

Some 170 suicide drones, like the one over Metulah, were used in Iran's April 13 assault on Israel. The skies across the Middle East lit up that night as Israeli pilots intercepted Iran's salvos. Iran also launched over 30 cruise missiles, which fly low and fast, like jets.

Israel's advanced Arrow system struck at hypersonic ballistic missiles in the outer atmosphere. Of the 120 Iran launched, only a handful actually hit.

A surprising coalition of neighboring Arab countries helped Israel defend against Iran's attack, but Israel has largely refrained from naming those partners. Iran proved that night that it could send a ballistic missile from Iran and hit Israel, which Iran has never done before.




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