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"Iran poses a growing threat" - Rishi Sunak

2024.05.14, 16:52
"Iran poses a growing threat" - Rishi Sunak

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak underscored the escalating threats to Britain posed by what he termed the "axis of authoritarian states," including Iran.

In a major speech on Monday, he named Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea as countries working to “undermine” the UK’s values and warned that the threat is not distant, with hostile states already operating within the UK.

"These are not far away problems. Iranian proxies are firing on British ships in the Red Sea, disrupting goods destined for our high street," Sunak added, referring to the blockade initiated in November.

Iran-backed Houthi rebels have intensified their attacks on shipping lanes begun in November in support of Iran-backed Hamas in Gaza, specifically targeting vessels linked to Israel and its key allies, such as the United States and Britain. They claim to be forcing Israel into a ceasefire but have killed several non-Israeli seamen and taken dozens more hostage.

Moreover, speaking about conflicts around the world including the Middle East, Sunak highlighted Iran’s military and drone attack on Israel on April 13.

“War rages, too, in the Middle East as Israel defends itself not only against the terrorists of Hamas but a barrage of missiles fired – for the first time – directly from Iran,” Sunak stated.

The attack came in response to an alleged Israeli airstrike on Iran’s consulate in Damascus in which one senior Quds force commander was assassinated along with several senior IRGC figures.

Last year the chief of British security service MI5 named Iran as one of the UK’s biggest state threats. Attacks of Iran International journalists have taken place multiple times, mostly foiled but endangering the reporting team on British soil.




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