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Social media activists have been arrested in Ardabil

2024.05.15, 13:01
Social media activists have been arrested in Ardabil

Four social media activists were arrested in Ardabil, and 435 social media accounts were banned.

Javad Naqavi, the commander of the police forces of the province, gave information about the arrests.

He stated that this was done as part of the "Nour project" (Light project), which aims to promote "hijab and Islamic values."

According to Naqavi, six more people detained in the same case were interrogated and released after receiving a written warning, while 15 criminal cases were opened against them.

It should be noted that since April 13 of this year, mandatory hijab rules have been strengthened in the majority of Iran's cities. Clashes between citizens and government officials ensued, resulting in dozens of arrests.

More stringent rules were imposed some time ago in response to Ali Khamenei's call for mandatory hijab rules.

"We have never compromised on the issue of the hijab; it is one of our fundamental principles," Khamenei stated.




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