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Hezbollah again targeted civilians

2024.05.15, 17:25
Hezbollah again targeted civilians

An Israeli civilian was killed and five soldiers were wounded in a Hezbollah anti-tank guided missile attack against a military position near the northern community of Adamit on Tuesday as hostilities between Israel and the Lebanese terror group continued on Independence Day.

The Israel Defense Forces said one soldier was moderately injured and four others were lightly hurt in the attack against the Adamit area.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility, saying it targeted a military position from which an IDF observation balloon was operated. At least three missiles were launched in the attack.

An Israeli civilian who arrived at the military position following the first missile strike that wounded the troops was hit by a second missile. The man died of his wounds a short while later. He was not immediately named.

The third missile struck the tether to an IDF observation balloon, which the military later acknowledged had floated away and landed in Lebanese territory.




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