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Ardabil prosecutor threatened entrepreneurs

2024.05.16, 12:31
Ardabil prosecutor threatened entrepreneurs

Any illegal strike will result in severe punishment.

This was stated by Ardabil province's prosecutor, Jalal Afaghi, in response to gold traders' strike action in the Ardabil market.

He claimed that the strike caused confusion among citizens and violated the psychological safety of the community.

Afagi asked the Ministry of Industry, Mines, and Trade to permanently revoke the striking shops' operating permits if they did not resume operations.

It should be noted that the strike in Tabriz's gold market, which began on May 1, began as a protest against the government's and parliament's attempts to levy additional taxes on gold traders.

Following the strike by gold traders in Tabriz, gold shops in Urmia, Ardabil, Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan, Mashhad, Zanjan, and several other cities have declared a strike.

Following that, a large number of gold shops that were on strike in Ardabil's market were shut down in several cities.




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