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We can hit Iran whenever we want

2024.05.16, 15:37
We can hit Iran whenever we want

The retired brigadier general of the Israeli army said that Iran's defense system is weak and cannot oppose the military power of his country.

Amir Avivi provided proof of his words by mentioning that Israel recently targeted Isfahan's radar systems.

"With that attack, we sent a message that we can completely destroy their defense system in the establishment and strike Iranian positions whenever we want, regardless of who is there," the retired general said.

Avivi is the founder and chairman of the Israel Defense and Security Forum.

More than 30,000 soldiers and former officers make up the organization, which is regarded as a powerful political and social force in Israeli society.

Amir Avivi is a close friend and supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He provides continuous advice to the country's relevant ministers.




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