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Terrorists linked to Iran were arrested in Karachi

2024.05.17, 14:01
Terrorists linked to Iran were arrested in Karachi

On May 16, two militants from the "Zainabiyoun" terrorist organization linked to Iran, Vugar Abbas and Hussain Akbar, were arrested in Karachi, Pakistan's Sindh province.

Asaf Ejaz Sheikh, head of the Police's Anti-Terrorism Department, provided information about this.

"Both terrorists were trained in Iran and targeted religious scholars and members of the opposition religious group in Karachi on orders from Iran's intelligence agencies," he stated.

According to the head of the police's Anti-Terrorism Department, the arrested individuals killed 17 clerics and wounded 11 others in Karachi between September of last year and February 21 of this year.

According to Pakistani police, 23 members of the Iranian-backed Zainabiyyun militant group have been identified in Karachi, and they are being arrested.

The Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) established the "Zainabiyoun" group, which consisted of Pakistani radical Shiites.

Islamabad declared the armed group "Zainabiyoun," which is made up of radical Shiites affiliated with Iran, to be a terrorist organization some time ago.




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