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Secret talks between the US and Iran are derailed

2024.05.24, 12:55
Secret talks between the US and Iran are derailed

The unexpected deaths of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian ended secret talks between Iran and the United States.

This information was shared by the "Middle East Eye".

It was noted that important talks in Oman were abruptly halted following a helicopter crash that killed several high-ranking Iranian officials on Sunday.

Brett McGurk, Middle East adviser to US President Joe Biden, and Ali Bagheri Keni, Iran's lead negotiator, have made progress in their first talks since January.

A number of critical issues, including mutual interest in changing the Israeli government, ending Israel's military operations in Gaza, and preventing the conflict from spreading further in the Middle East, were discussed in the context of regional tensions. According to analysts close to the Iranian regime, the talks could also include a potential ceasefire between the US and Iran's allies.

The future of high-stakes talks is uncertain, given Tehran's sudden leadership vacuum and Iran's readiness to hold presidential elections on June 28. The United States is also preparing for presidential elections in November, adding to the diplomatic stalemate.





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