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The death of the Raisi could be an opportunity to bring down the Iranian Regime

2024.05.27, 15:03
The death of the Raisi could be an opportunity to bring down the Iranian Regime

According to the "Times of Israel", the recent death of Iran’s President Raisi marks a significant juncture and presents a unique opportunity for the international community to force Tehran into serious negotiations regarding its nuclear program.

Sanctions, often criticized for limited success, can be highly effective when imposed strategically during periods of political transition. as Iran navigates this leadership change, now is the time to leverage economic pressure to achieve a long-sought goal: a strong agreement that limits its nuclear ambitions.

Sanctions have emerged as a favored tool in the international community’s arsenal, serving as a non-military means to enforce compliance, deter aggression, and promote human rights.

Their impact varies widely, depending on factors such as the target’s resilience, the scope of international cooperation, and the presence of alternative sources of support. However, when used appropriately, sanctions can be a powerful tool for forcing states to change their behavior without resorting to military intervention.

The current geopolitical climate, marked by the demise of the second most important figure in Iran and Khamenei’s future successor, creates a moment of vulnerability and a rare opportunity to take advantage of the internal Iranian chaos.

To capitalize on this opportunity, the US and its allies must implement a broad strategy that intensifies economic pressure and clearly demonstrates to Tehran the benefits of compliance. 

First, reinforcing existing sanctions through international cooperation, in an effort to prevent any loopholes that might undermine their effectiveness. Second, imposing new sanctions, focusing on critical sectors of Iran’s economy, such as oil exports and banking, which are vital to its financial stability. Third, instead of viewing sanctions solely as a tool for isolation, decision makers should recognize that they are a means, not an end.

Moreover, especially in these dramatic days, the Iranian public, exhausted from economic deprivation and international isolation, may push for significant changes in the country after the brutal oppression under Raisi.

The death of Iran’s president presents an unprecedented opportunity to revive efforts towards a nuclear agreement from a position of strength. By leveraging the economic impact of sanctions during this period of political transition, the international community can push Tehran into a corner.

This strategy requires a delicate balance of pressure and diplomacy, ensuring that the ultimate goal – preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons is achieved without risking a wide conflict.




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