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Every six hours, one prisoner is executed in Iran

2024.05.10, 17:19
Every six hours, one prisoner is executed in Iran

During the first ten days of May 2024, the Iranian judiciary carried out the execution sentences of 40 prisoners in Iranian prisons. On average, four prisoners are executed daily in Iran, which means that every six hours, one prisoner is executed in Iran.

This was reported by "Iran Human Rights Monitor".

This comes at a time when, compared to the ten days of April, the number of executions has grown close to 160 percent. The increase in the number of executions in Iran is highly concerning.

Among the executed individuals, there is also a political prisoner and a female prisoner. Over 90 percent of the executions during the first ten days of May have not been reported by any state media or institutions affiliated with the Iranian judiciary, and they have been carried out in silence.

These executions have taken place in the prisons of Urmia, Semnan, Kerman, Isfahan, Qom, Kermanshah, Zanjan, Tabriz, Qazvin, Shiraz, and Ardabil.

More than 60 percent of the executed individuals during the first ten days of May had previously been sentenced to death on charges related to drug offenses.

It is notable that the prisoners involved in drug crimes are often from marginalized areas and considered impoverished members of society who are disproportionately sentenced to execution through unfair judicial processes. According to international laws, individuals convicted of drug-related offenses should never be subject to the death penalty.




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