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Ali Larijani registers as a possible presidential candidate

2024.05.31, 13:54
Ali Larijani registers as a possible presidential candidate

Ali Larijani, the former Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, officially registered as a presidential candidate on the second day of registration.

According to him, lifting sanctions for economic progress will be one of his diplomatic priorities. 

"Progress cannot happen with a big government interfering in the affairs of all people," he said.

Larijani was the chairman of the parliament for three terms, the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, and the president of the Radio and Television Organization. He is a de facto member of the Board of Directors.

If the Guardian Council allows him to run for president, he is expected to be the front-runner.

It should be noted that Iran's presidential elections will take place on June 28, 50 days after President Ibrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash. Today is the second day of registration, and six people have signed up: Makhammedrza Sabaghian, Abbas Muqtadai, Mustafa Kavakbian, Kadratali Hashimtian, Said Jalili, and Ali Larijani.




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