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Millions of children are involved in forced labor in Iran

2024.06.13, 12:10
Millions of children are involved in forced labor in Iran

New data on the number of children in Iran who drop out of school and work as forced labor has been released.

This was reported by organizations dedicated to protecting children's rights.

It was stated that the Iranian authorities do not disclose precise statistics about those children, and the official information published does not reflect the truth.

According to them, 3 million children are currently forced to work in Iran. According to reports, 700,000 of them are foreigners, primarily Afghan refugees, while 2,300,000 are Iranian children.

According to some human rights organizations, the majority of Afghan refugee children were born in Iran and are therefore included in the same statistics.

Rza Shafaxah, a lawyer and the head of the children's rights committee of the "Iskuda" Human Rights Group, stated that the state bears primary responsibility for children's welfare.

He chastised the government for failing to address the issues of children forced to work and for failing to provide them with living conditions appropriate for their age.

It should be noted that, according to a number of human rights organizations' reports, organized groups control the involvement and exploitation of young children in labor activities.




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