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The "open court" campaign against activists continues

2024.06.13, 11:32
The "open court" campaign against activists continues

Because of the gravity of the accusations leveled against the national-cultural activists arrested in various cities across South Azerbaijan in recent months, activists have launched a campaign demanding that their court proceedings be held in public.

Hundreds of activists joined the campaign in a short amount of time.

Human rights and national activists who made video appeals on social media accused Tehran authorities of attempting to obtain false charges against national prisoners.

They claim that the heavy charges brought against the imprisoned activists, including espionage, were intended to silence the South Azerbaijani national movement. Since the campaign's launch, 769 activists from Iran and other countries have joined and signed the prepared petition.

It is worth noting that dozens of South Azerbaijani national and cultural activists were arrested in January and February of this year. Several of them have been temporarily released on bail pending trial, but many activists remain imprisoned.

Imprisoned national activists were charged with "opposing the national security of the country," "membership and cooperation with opposition groups and organizations," and other similar offenses.





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