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Chinese ambassador summoned to Iran Foreign Ministry

2024.06.03, 11:49
Chinese ambassador summoned to Iran Foreign Ministry

China's ambassador to Iran was summoned to Iran's Foreign Affairs Office on June 2.

Iran's foreign ministry summoned Chinese Ambassador to Iran Cong Peiwu regarding China's support for the baseless claims in paragraph 26 of the final statement of the joint meeting between China and the UAE.

In this regard, a note of protest was presented to the diplomat.

During the meeting, Iran's Assistant Foreign Minister Mohammad Ali Bek stated that the Chinese government is expected to adjust its position on this issue in light of Tehran and Beijing's strategic cooperation.

The islands, Abu Musa, Greater and Lesser Tunb, are claimed by both countries, but Iran has held them since 1971, shortly before the seven Gulf emirates gained full independence from Britain and formed the UAE, which is now allied with Washington.

It should be noted that recent disputes between the UAE and Iran over ownership rights to the disputed Abu Musa, Greater, and Lesser Tunb islands in the Iranian Gulf have flared up again.

Prior to that, on July 10, 2023, the organization's member countries held a strategic dialogue in Moscow, which included Iran's ally Russia's foreign minister and the Gulf Cooperation Council secretary general.

Following the meeting, a joint statement was approved.

The document contains opinions that support the United Arab Emirates' position on the islands of Abu Musa, Greater, and Lesser Tunb.

Iran was dissatisfied with this, and the Tehran government protested to Russia, summoning Russia's ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




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