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12 Baha'is will be tried in Iran

2024.04.08, 14:34
12 Baha'is will be tried in Iran

It was noted that the judicial proceedings of 12 Baha'i citizens from the Qaem Shahr region will take place in the Sari city court from April 16 to May 7.

According to the information, the other three Baha'is accused in the same case as them were fined 30-40 million Iranian tomans.

They will be prosecuted on charges of "teaching and preaching activities that are against the holy law of Islam".

It should be noted that the Human Rights Watch Organization, in its report published on April 1, evaluated "the Iranian authorities' pressure on the Baha'is as a crime against humanity."

The organization's report was published under the title "The Boot on My Neck: Iranian Authorities’ Crime of Persecution Against Baha’is in Iran".




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