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The Iranian regime excludes Azerbaijani Turks from the policies of the republic

2024.03.28, 15:57
The Iranian regime excludes Azerbaijani Turks from the policies of the republic

Mehmet Koch, a famous Iranian specialist in Türkiye, wrote about the roles and influence of South Azerbaijani Turks in Iran’s politics.

The expert of the Iran Research Center based in Türkiye on this in his article entitled “Issues we should know about Iranian Turks and Ankara-Tehran relations.”

"Historically, Iranian Turks have held positions of leadership in the country's politics and religion. But the situation has already changed. "The authorities have done everything possible to limit Tabriz's central role in Iranian politics," Mehmet Koch wrote in his article.

Mehmet Koch also mentioned that Azerbaijani Turks are being pushed back in all fields, especially in the field of politics.

“As a result of the strengthening of Persians, with the end of the thousand-year rules of the Turks over Iran, they began to destroy the traces of Turks in the country,” Mehmet Koch emphasized.

It should be noted that the Pahlavi dynasty, which ascended to power in Iran following the Qajar dynasty, and its successor, the Islamic Republic of Iran, pursue assimilationist policies by oppressing South Azerbaijan in political, economic, social, and military spheres.

Examples include the fact that Azerbaijanis are no longer represented in high positions in the government and the army, the separation of Iranian Astara from the administrative division of Ardabil Province and its merger into Gilan Province, and hundreds of other facts.




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