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Fans of Tractor were arrested for raising Azerbaijani flag

2024.04.08, 16:49
Fans of Tractor were arrested for raising Azerbaijani flag

On April 3, two people were arrested for raising the Azerbaijan and Turkish flags during a football match between Tabriz's "Tractor" and Isfahan's "Sepahan" teams at Tabriz's "Sahand" (Yadegar-e Emam) stadium.

The Iranian "Hamshahri" newspaper reported on this.

"This occurred during a period of ongoing tension between Azerbaijan and Iran. According to multiple sources, those arrested are members of pan-Turkist organizations," the newspaper wrote.

There was no additional information provided about the identity of the detainees or where they were taken.

It should be noted that the match, attended more than 100,000 fans, ended with a score of 0-0.


The fans gathered around the stadium and in the stadium chanted slogans in Azerbaijani Turkish and held up banners.

They chanted slogans such as “you don’t have a share in this land," "Urmia is the heart of Azerbaijan," and others.

The fans applauded as the Azerbaijani and Turkish flags were raised in the stadium.




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