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Female fans are now allowed to enter the Tabriz stadium

2024.03.29, 13:58
Female fans are now allowed to enter the Tabriz stadium

Female fans of Tractor will be able to support their favorite team as spectators at the competitions.

East Azerbaijan Province's football board issued a statement regarding this.

Thus, the Governor of East Azerbaijan inspected Tabriz's "Yadigar Imam" Stadium and ordered that infrastructure repairs be completed.

With this, the female fans of the “Tractor” football team will be able to participate as spectators in the match between Tractor and Zob Ahan to be held on April 12.

Ali Khakzad, the secretary of the East Azerbaijan football team, added: “Female fans will now be able to participate in the match between Tabriz's Tractor and Isfahan's Zob Ahan teams in the 23rd week of the Premier League. Tickets for women will also be sold through the website."

It should be noted that Tractor fans launched the "A seat in the stadium is my right" campaign a while ago with the goal of ensuring the participation of female Tractor fans as spectators in competitive events.




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