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The residents of Zareh Shuran village held a protest.

2024.03.29, 12:20
The residents of Zareh Shuran village held a protest.

A protest was held by residents of Zareh Shuran village in West Azerbaijan Province.

According to local sources, residents protested the lack of employment opportunities in the village's well-known "Zareh Shuran" gold mine.

The Iranian Mullah regime dispatched police officers to the village to break up the 12-hour protest.

The sit-in protest was forced to end when local authorities arrived to negotiate with the protesters.

Zareh Shuran and Aghdara gold mines are located in Takab County, Western Azerbaijan Province. These mines are considered the largest mines in the Middle East.

The mine's shareholders and owners are primarily from Persian-dominated provinces. Until now, the arable and pasture lands of several villages in the region have been destroyed as a result of illegal exploitation and the release of toxic waste into nature, killing thousands of cattle.

While workers from other regions are brought to the mine, the local unemployed population is not allowed to work there.




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