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South Azerbaijani activist was requested to appear in court

2024.04.09, 18:15
South Azerbaijani activist was requested to appear in court

Alireza Farshi, a South Azerbaijan National Movement activist, received an electronic notification to appear in court.

According to the Abbas Lisani Information Website, the activist is charged with "propaganda against the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

According to the judicial system's notification, he must report to the 4th Department of the Prosecutor's Office in the Marand District of East Azerbaijan Province within 5 days to be investigated for the accusation.

Azerbaijani Language Activist Jailed in "Five-Minute" Court Hearing

It should be noted that Alireza Farshi applied to the court in November 2024 regarding the open case, requesting that it be held in the Marand district, where he lives. In the end, the Tehran City Court approved his application.

In recent months, the Security Department has repeatedly called him and demanded that he come to the department to testify.

However, Alireza Farshi refused the Department's request, saying that the phone call was against the law and demanding a written notification.

Alireza Farshi is a graduate of Sharif University of Technology's Industrial Engineering, majoring in programming. He was also a teacher at the International University of Julfa. However, he was expelled from the university for his activities in Azerbaijan.

Confirmation of Alireza Farshi's conviction in the Court of Appeal – ریسمان

He received a sentence of up to four years in prison for defending South Azerbaijan's rights.

After serving 3 years and 3 months of imprisonment, he was released from Evin Prison in Tehran in February 2023.

The activist was repeatedly harassed and arrested by the Security Department for starting the "one Turkish library for every Turkish village" company a few years ago.




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