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South Azerbaijani activists met in Ardabil

2024.04.01, 11:56
South Azerbaijani activists met in Ardabil

A group of national-cultural activists, writers, and intellectuals from various regions of South Azerbaijan and Iran met in Ardabil.

Various issues and problems in South Azerbaijan were discussed at the meeting held at the house of former political prisoner and national activist Abbas Lisani.

Speaking at the meeting held on March 29, Abbas Lisani spoke about the plans of the authorities, especially the security agencies, to divide the South Azerbaijan National Movement.

"On the path of the Azerbaijani nation, we must all look at ourselves with self-sacrifice in mind and continue the national struggle to achieve our goals in accordance with our abilities. Our wishes will be fulfilled when a fair government based on the national will of the Azerbaijani people is formed, when our people have the ability to govern themselves and stand up to the radicals who intend to occupy our lands," Abbas Lisani stated.

He reiterated that those who have suffered for national freedom today and who have been persecuted and arrested have no desire for a position in government in the future.

“Our task is simply to create conditions for the establishment of a free Azerbaijan. Our goal is to create conditions that allow technocrats, scientists, and specialists to work faithfully for national interests, relying on experience, science, and logic, in order to ensure the advancement, prosperity, and happiness of the Azerbaijani people," Abbas Lisani stated.

Activists, artists, and writers addressed the meeting, sharing their perspectives on South Azerbaijan, the national movement, and other contemporary issues.




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