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Geography of Iran = Geography of Discrimination

2024.04.02, 12:45
Geography of Iran = Geography of Discrimination

Activists from the Azerbaijani National Movement displayed posters on the streets of Urmia, West Azerbaijan. On the posters, the “Geography of Iran = Geography of Discrimination” slogan is written.

The posters also stated that the Iranian regime's negligence policy is causing Lake Urmia and Lake Hur Al-Azim in Khuzestan Province to dry up.

It was also stated that the Baloch people had been kept in deplorable social and economic conditions for 100 years.

It was stated that the only way out of the government's oppression of non-Persian peoples was independence.

The posters featured the well-known quote from the esteemed leader Mahammad Amin Rasulzade, "Freedom to people, independence to nations."

It was also mentioned that the establishment of a national government is the only way South Azerbaijan will be liberated and reach freedom and justice.




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