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Ardabil lacks sufficient educational facilities

2024.04.01, 16:57
Ardabil lacks sufficient educational facilities

Ardabil province continues to lack schools and per capita education is below the national average.

Behzad Mohammadi, the province's director general of school renovations, stated this.

He stated that 30% of provincial schools were built at the expense of local philanthropists due to a lack of funds for new school construction.

Kalamullah Safari, the head of the Education Department of Ardabil province, said that 750 schools with 3661 classrooms in the province are in a state of emergency.

According to Safari, 6,500 new classrooms should be built in Ardabil province to meet national standards.

It should be mentioned that the Ministry of Education's local departments have claimed for a long time that the state does not provide funding for school renovations or new school construction.

As a result, the shortage of school buildings in Azerbaijan's provinces is frequently addressed at the expense of local philanthropists.




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