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Another provocation by members of terrorist organizations

2024.03.30, 13:40
Another provocation by members of terrorist organizations

According to the images shared on social networks, the model representing the Tractor Football Team was set on fire.

A tractor model representing South Azerbaijan's Tractor Football Team, which was placed in the main circle of Showt city last week, was set on fire by unknown persons.

Following several months of communication and suggestions from Tractor Football Team supporters to city officials, the model was installed by the municipality.

According to the information, the model was set on fire by people belonging to Kurdish terrorist groups living and operating in Western Azerbaijan.

People affiliated with Kurdish terrorist groups, who have been gradually and purposefully placed as guests in Western Azerbaijan Province, particularly in the city of Urmia, are claiming land in Urmia and other province regions.

As a result, in order to deny the region's Turkish essence, they defaced and burned Azerbaijani Turkish inscriptions, symbols, and models throughout the city.

Similar activities happened many times in Urmia. Even the Turkish names of Urmia streets had been painted over.





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